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Trauma Informed Mediation, Counseling,  Dispute & Conflict Resolution

Conflict has always been a part of my life. I grew up in South Africa during Apartheid. At 20, I immigrated to Israel where conflict was an everyday aspect of life. 

While living for nearly a decade in an intentional community, I swore to dedicate my life to helping people deal with conflict and distress.

benefits of mediating

Mediation: When a neutral 3rd party fascilitates your agreement-making process, based on consent.

There are so many mediators to choose from but few have invested as much in self-understanding and self-mastery as I have.

I'm skilled at supporting two hostile parties without picking sides, ensuring that you feel heard and that the environment is safe enough to really hear what the other party may be struggling to convey in a kind way.

In situations where high conflict is present my comfort level is substantially higher than most - I'm rarely phased by displays of narcissism.

Experienced guide

I've supported people who are searching for that way out of conflict in their personal, professional and communal lives for years

Most of my work is done remotely, using Zoom, and I'm available to work in-person in the Victoria, BC region of Canada.

Contracts; Landlords & Tenants; Strata; Institutions; Environment; Workplace; Diversity; Family; Business; Neighbourhood; Community;
Professional Services; Trades


Justice System can be slow and lawyers' fees add up fast.

Mediation tends to be more affordable and quicker than litigation. YOU  are in control, rather than the judge.


The mediator is there to support the parties in reaching an agreement.

Either party can withdraw if they become convinced that consent is unattainable.


Mediators are trained to be neutral fascilitators. Our job is to create and maintain as safe a space as possible, and to elicit respectful conversation between parties to the conflict.


Information shared in Mediation is confidential and is, generally, inadmissable in court.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start?

Head to and schedule a free 15 minute information call or a free, 1 hour, initial consult with Don Schapira, Founder and Lead Mediator at Fresh Start.

Don will assign a pair of mediators to work on your case, based on where you're located and the issues that require mediation. Otherwise contact me, directly, (Philip Be'er) on my cell at 778 235 2990.

When is Mediation Appropriate?

Mediation is typically used when couples are struggling through separation and are having a rough time making parenting arrangements; when strata councils can’t arrive at agreement; when there is conflict in the workplace.  We resolve conflicts in families, businesses, not-for-profits, congregations, community organizations and elsewhere.

Do we meet online using Zoom?

Generally, yes

How long does mediation take?

Simple mediations can take as little as 2 hours. Highly complex mediations can take days of mediation.

What will it cost?

Use the calculator at to get an idea of the cost. In contrast to other mediation groups, Fresh Start Mediation quotes a price and sticks to that price no matter how many hours of mediation are involved (so you don't need to be concerned about runaway costs). Mediation can be 3 to 10 times more economical than litigation for the same issues.

"I would love to answer any questions you have"

Philip be'er

Philip Be'er

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